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Guru Custom Fitting

Chainwheel has always been on the leading edge when it comes to professional bike fitting. We have spent the last 20 years analyzing, revising and applying complimentary and competing approaches to this often confusing aspect of buying and riding bicycles. These fit practices and theories include certifications from Dan Empfield's F.I.S.T, Serotta, Trek, and Retul - and we have used about every fit bike, measuring system and tool out there - all in the hopes of making man and machine as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Tools and methodologies are only as good as the fitter when it comes to getting the right set up. We are cyclists and fitters and we can get you in a higher gear when it comes to your next ride.

Recently we acquired Guru's Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) to further our mission as The Shop when it comes to setting up your bike. To say we are blown away by this robotic fit bike is an understatement. Whether you are a new rider looking to cruise the river trail, an avid cyclist looking for the ultimate fit, or someone looking to buy a bike from a buddy - let us wow you and  make your next ride your best ride. We will work with you on an entry-level bike or your dream machine using this incredible tool when you come by.

Underwritten by Dan Empfield of and his F.I.S.T protocol, this fit-first focus is now an easier and more accurate exercise that will make you feel like you are IN your bike instead of just on it! Come by and check out the Guru DFU and make sure you make an optimized fit the most important factor when buying a new bike or saddling up on your trusted steed in the future.

Dynamic Fittings start at $100. Retro fits and full optimization set ups including motion, power and foot-pedal analysis start at $200.

Please email Patrick to schedule a fitting or answer questions as we continue our trials.

You can also call 501-224-7651 or swing by the shop for a chat.

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Images of Guru Fitting at Chainwheel

GURU fit machine at the Chainwheel Custom GURU DFU Fit station by the Chainwheel Professionals Getting a Custom GURU DFU Fit
This Orbea has been GURU optimized! GURU Optimized! Custom GURU DFU Fitting - find your farther